Higher Education Publishers’ Group

The Higher Education Publishers’ Group supports its members in providing value to the Canadian post-secondary education community and in sustaining a viable return on their investment. It uses the collective advantage of association to deal effectively with common industry issues as guide and spokesperson. In addition, the Group focuses on national strategic initiatives which will provide the most benefit to its members.

Membership in the Higher Education Publishers’ Group means that individual firms benefit from the collective resources, ideas and influence of many of the largest, most creative, and productive publishers for post-secondary markets. The Group presently includes members who are directly involved in the publication and distribution of post-secondary books and educational materials. The Group implements programs to address factors affecting the well-being of the college and university course materials marketplace. Important issues are dealt with directly such as: the growing market reliance on used books, the effects of technology on publishing and the illegal photocopying of copyright materials.

The Group maintains close contact with national faculty and student associations to ensure publishers are in tune with our customer groups. The Group also regularly works with national and regional bookselling organizations to effect ongoing, positive collaboration and communication, and to implement changes important to each constituency.


Elsevier Canada
McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited
Macmillan Higher Ed Publishers Group
Nelson Education
Pearson Education Canada
John Wiley & Sons Canada Limited

Board of Directors

Brenda Kirkconnell, Elsevier Canada
Mike Hamel, McGraw-Hill Ryerson
James Reeve, Pearson Education Canada
Jonathan Abrams, Nelson Education
Michael Wright, W.W. Norton & Company
Maureen Talty, John Wiley & Sons Canada Limited
Geoff Forguson, Oxford University Press
Greg David, Macmillan Higher Ed Publishers Group